Learn to believe with The Cokeville Miracle

There are times in many of our lives when we doubt our faith. In The Cokeville Miracle, Ron Hartley is going through a crisis of faith. He is the sheriff the small ranching community of Cokeville, Wyoming. As a law officer, he sees many horrible situations

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Finding Charity with The Errand of Angels

  Do you ever feel like you’re trying your best, but nothing is working out? That’s how Sister Taylor feels in the movie Errand of Angels. When she first arrives in Austria, Sister Taylor is ready to take on the world. She has an amazing first companion

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Learn about the Revolution with “Liberty’s Kids”

As Independence Day approaches, flags and fireworks fill the skies throughout the United States. But while many people today may know about the latest political scandal, too many have never learned about the foundations of America. Some children are taught at school but can’t stay interested

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Remember Joseph Smith with “Praise to the Man”

This week, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints commemorate the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, along with his brother, Hyrum Smith, Patriarch of the Church. 174 years ago on June 27th, Joseph sealed his testimony with his blood. His death, however, was only

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Your Movie For Father’s Day: “One Good Man”

Father’s Day is coming up, and Living Scriptures has got the perfect Sabbath-appropriate movie for your dad! Watch how an ordinary father’s life touches the lives of everyone around him and inspire your own father with “One Good Man”. Aaron Young’s life is more than a

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Be a Peacemaker Like Pocahontas

On June 12, 1616, a man named John Rolfe arrived in Plymouth, England, after a long voyage from America. With him were his son, Thomas, and his wife, Rebecca. You may know her better as Pocahontas. Even though she lived more than 400 years ago, Pocahontas

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“Be One”: A Joyful Commandment

On Friday, June 1, members of the LDS church gathered to rejoice in each other’s valuable differences and in the unity of the Gospel. This event, known as the Be One celebration, commemorated the 40th anniversary of the revelation that extended the blessings of the priesthood

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Start Your Summer Right with “Scout Camp”

School is out, which means that boys all over America will soon be exchanging their video games for sleeping bags—at least for a night or two. Whether you have fond memories of your days at scout camp, prefer not to remember your days at scout camp,

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Most Fatherly Moments in “Love, Kennedy”

A beautiful thing about “Love, Kennedy”, one of the newest and most beloved releases in the Living Scriptures live streaming library, is that it’s not just a movie about a girl. It’s also about her friends, teachers, and family. As Father’s Day approaches, we want to

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Take a Look Into “God’s Army”

‘Tis the season for missionary farewells and homecomings! Returned missionaries are reminiscing about their own missions, future missionaries with their calls are trembling in anticipation, and those who haven’t served are wondering what missions are really like. One story of a young man who probably wondered

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