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Living Scriptures Streaming is dedicated to bringing you uplifting family media you can watch anywhere, anytime. We invite you to learn more about our mission and our company.
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Strengthen and Entertain Your Whole Family 

Living Scriptures is a subscription streaming service (SVOD) that curates and creates the best in family-friendly entertainment for adults and children throughout the world.  With so much media filth out there, we celebrate that there are those like you who choose to support only media that is pure, lovely, and praiseworthy.  Therefore, it’s our commitment to only accept the best in media, eliminating concerns about what you and your family are watching.

We also offer a Complete Learning System that introduces children to God’s Word with 56 animated stories from the Bible along with weekly lessons, devotionals, quizzes, and activity books.  Living Scriptures is the best way to introduce the beauty and majesty of God’s life-changing words to your family.

Almost 50 years ago, Living Scriptures was founded to help God’s Word bring people to Christ through through powerful storytelling in audio and video.  Over the years millions have been impacted through the Animated Stories from the Bible and New Testament.  Eight years ago, our mission expanded to bring other wholesome storytellers to our family by creating a streaming service as a safe harbor for all good family entertainment.