Come Follow Me


Preachers of Righteousness

Reinforces this week’s “Come Follow Me” study: Genesis 5; Moses 6
“Teach These Things Freely unto Your Children”


Moses 6:23

“And they were preachers of righteousness, and spake and prophesied, and called upon all men, everywhere, to repent; and faith was taught unto the children of men.


Teach Me to Walk in the Light, Children’s Songbook page 177


Adam taught his children the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of his descendants were “preachers of righteousness,” including his son Seth, his grandson Enos, his great-grandson Cainan, his great-great-grandson Mahaleleel, his great-great-great-grandson Jared, and his great-great-great-great-grandson Enoch.

Enoch was called by God to prophesy unto the people and tell them to repent. Even though Enoch was worried that he wasn’t good at speaking and that none of the people liked him, God promised Enoch that He would help him know what to say. Enoch did as God commanded. Enoch taught the people about the things Adam had taught his children, including faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Enoch explained the plan of salvation and the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He powerfully bore his testimony to the people. We can share our testimonies about these same principles of the gospel and teach them to our children.


“What is our responsibility as peaceful disciples of Jesus Christ? Let us live God’s commandments, teach them to our children, and share them with others who are willing to listen.” Neil L. Andersen


  • What did Adam teach his children?
  • Why was Enoch concerned about preaching to the people?
  • How did God help Enoch?
  • How can we share our testimonies of the gospel?

Activity idea:

Book of Remembrance

Create a family Book of Remembrance. Include names of family members, things you like to do together, and maybe photos or family stories. You might also include information about your family history or your testimonies, anything you think would be important to future generations.

Treat idea:

"Bear" Testimony Cookies

While your "bear" testimony cookies bake, talk to your children about the importance of bearing testimony, and how and when we can testify of things we believe.

These lessons are perfect for: Family Home Evening at the beginning of the week, to recap the following Sunday or to enhance your family scripture study.

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