Start Your Summer Right with “Scout Camp”

School is out, which means that boys all over America will soon be exchanging their video games for sleeping bags—at least for a night or two. Whether you have fond memories of your days at scout camp, prefer not to remember your days at scout camp, or have always wondered what scout camp is really like, “Scout Camp” the movie is for you!

The boys of the Fire Dragon scouting patrol, led by the optimistic Scoutmaster Kerry (played by Mormon favorite Kirby Heyborne), are headed to Camp Rakhouta for a week. The boys’ ages and attitudes vary. York Hayes, one of the older scouts, does his best to inspire the rest of the troop and hopes that the following week will be the adventure the boys will never forget.

But it doesn’t take long after the Fire Dragons’ arrival for disaster to strike. Camp Rakhouta, steeped in tradition and Native American heritage, boasts a special item called the Spirit Stick. It has been handed down for generations and represents courage and vision. So when the stick goes missing, the very heart of Camp Rakhouta is threatened.

While the Fire Dragons figure out how to find the Spirit Stick and restore the legacy of the camp, they also must learn valuable lessons about surviving in the wilderness . . . and surviving each other! The week is full of everything from weaponized farts . . .

. . . to ghost stories that get a little too realistic . . .

. . . to gas-powered infernos hot enough to burn Scoutmaster Kerry’s eyebrows off!

In the end, York and the other boys walk away with more than merit badges. They also learn what it means to be a real scouting troop.

So the next time you’re ready for a trip down memory lane, a good laugh, or both, sit down with some friends and enjoy “Scout Camp”. Who knows? It may even convince you to spend the rest of the day outside!


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