What Your Dad Really Wants To Hear From You This Father’s Day

Father’s Day seems to sneak up on us every year, and all the dads know it. Are you ever guilty of buying your dad or other male role model a last-minute gift and a card with nothing but your signature inside it? This year, do something different. Instead of staring at the white space of the card and then giving up, consider telling your father something that will really make his day. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

  • “You’re doing a good job.” It might sound simple, but even dads feel insecure sometimes. Reassure your father that he is enough and that he can be pleased with his efforts.
  • “Thanks for your great advice about ______.” Dads want to know that they’re leading their families in the right direction. Think about a specific time when his wisdom helped you and mention it to him.
  • “I notice the ways you sacrifice for our family.” Everyone loves to be appreciated for their hard work, and fathers are no different. Write a list of the things you see your dad give up to make you happy and then share it with him. You might be surprised by how long the list gets!
  • “You are a good example of what it means to be ______.” Which of your father’s traits do you admire most? Tell him what the quality is and tell a story of when he demonstrated that trait for you.
  • “I appreciate the way you treat Mom.” President McKay always did love the quote, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” Let your dad know exactly how his ways of valuing womanhood bless your life.
  • “Thank you for teaching me how to ______.” Too many children and even adults today have no idea how to do simple tasks in the real world. So if your father showed you how to change a tire or do your taxes, make sure to recognize him for that!
  • “I always feel safer when you’re around.” Fathers take their role of protector very seriously. Your dad will feel very gratified to know that he is excelling at his job of providing physical and emotional security.
  • “You have strengthened my testimony of ______.” Is there anything more precious to you than your testimony of the Gospel? You probably owe at least some of your knowledge and convictions to your father. Tell him which ones and thank him for blessing you with them.
  • “I’m glad that you’re my dad.” Your father probably watches all of the other fathers around him, and he may even wish he were more like them. Let him know that of all the dads out there, you wouldn’t want anyone but him to be your dad.

Do any of these compliments stand out to you? If you thought of something even better, share it in the comments—and with your dad, of course! From us at Living Scriptures to you and the important men in your life: Happy Father’s Day!


Photos:Sabine van Straaten, Jude Beck, andSebastián León Prado

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