Most Fatherly Moments in “Love, Kennedy”

A beautiful thing about “Love, Kennedy”, one of the newest and most beloved releases in the Living Scriptures live streaming library, is that it’s not just a movie about a girl. It’s also about her friends, teachers, and family. As Father’s Day approaches, we want to celebrate the dads who overcome trials like the ones Kennedy’s dad, Jason Hansen, endured. Here are some of our favorite fatherly moments from “Love, Kennedy”.

When Jason took young Kennedy to do one of her favorite activities: ride in the truck!

When he learned all he could about her terminal disease and what the family could do.

When he pleaded with God to help Kennedy through her trials.

When he cut in to take a turn dancing with Kennedy at a church dance.

When he helped Kennedy bear her testimony to her friends.

When he played the proud and supportive dad when Kennedy lived her dream to perform as a cheerleader at her high school.

When he thanked the students and faculty at Kennedy’s school for everything they’d done to make Kennedy happy.

When he took Kennedy for one last daddy-daughter truck ride.

And, finally, when he gave Kennedy a priesthood blessing and told her to return home to her Heavenly Father.

Jason Hansen’s beautiful example of fatherhood will inspire you and your family for years to come. Honor the men like him in your life by showing them “Love, Kennedy” this Father’s Day.


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3 thoughts on “Most Fatherly Moments in “Love, Kennedy””

  1. Nehry Luz Naranjo Carranza

    Thank you very much to the producers for filming this movie, and to Living scriptures to show it here.
    My dad was very loving and caring with us. I enjoyed this movie and hope my granddaughter Sofia will see it too❤️.

  2. Love, Kennedy was a beautiful movie. I cried during almost the whole movie. I loved Kennedy’s attitude toward life and her love of Jesus Christ. Her determination to make the best of life is so heartwarming. This is a movie I will never get tired of watching.

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