Finding Charity with The Errand of Angels


Do you ever feel like you’re trying your best, but nothing is working out? That’s how Sister Taylor feels in the movie Errand of Angels.

When she first arrives in Austria, Sister Taylor is ready to take on the world. She has an amazing first companion and she’s gradually feeling like a real missionary. She’s learning to love the country, the people, and even the food.



But when she is transferred to a new area with a new companion, she feels stuck, alone, and frustrated. Her new companion doesn’t seem to want to talk to anyone, she’s always critical, and she even snores…loudly! They are struggling to find anyone to share the gospel with, and Sister Taylor begins to feel like she just can’t go on.



Have you ever been in a similar situation? Sometimes it’s difficult to get along with certain people, and they seem to hedge up your way. Maybe it’s a co-worker, ward member, or even a family member. It’s easy to take offense and become discouraged when those around you don’t seem to understand how you feel.

After a week-long split with another missionary and some good advice, Sister Taylor sees her situation with a new perspective. She learns have more charity and to see others through the eyes of the Savior.


The Errand of Angels


Watch The Errand of Angels and discover the lessons Sister Taylor learns, and how her own change of heart makes all the difference.

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1 thought on “Finding Charity with The Errand of Angels”

  1. I watched this on my own Tuesday night and loved it, this reminds me of President Oaks talk on April 2018 about “Small and SImple Things”. It’s little things that matters the most and make a different in our lives and the life of others around us, like a change of heart, charity and having faith in the Lord. This will be a nice movie for our ward YW will invite them to have a movie night at my house.

    Thanks for keep bringing the clean entertainments into our homes Living Scriptures

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