The Best General Conference Quotes on Fathers

Father’s Day is coming up fast! To get you in the spirit of the holiday, we’re sharing some of our favorite quotes from General Conference talks about these men in our lives.   “The sacred title of ‘father’ is shared with the Almighty. … Fatherhood is

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Laugh ‘Til You Cry with “The Singles Ward”

It’s been said that God has a sense of humor. All speculation aside, it’s certainly true that young single adults in the LDS church need a sense of humor to survive. That’s one reason Living Scriptures loves the comedy “The Singles Ward.” Like your “typical” Mormon,

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The Stalwart Compassion of Florence Nightingale

This Mother’s Day weekend marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale. While she never married or gave birth to any children, she was one of history’s most stirring examples of womanhood. Born into a wealthy British family, Florence was expected to associate with the upper class, marry

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5 Ways to Be Wise in Our Use of Technology

One of the many challenges we received in the April 2018 sessions of General Conference was from President Ballard’s talk entitled “Precious Gifts from God”: “Too many allow themselves to almost live online with their smart devices—screens illuminating their faces day and night and earbuds in their

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Director Spotlight: T.C. Christensen

Nearly every Latter-day Saint with access to a television has seen the work of T.C. Christensen. From Finding Faith in Christ to his most recent film, Love, Kennedy, Christensen’s films have touched hearts and strengthened testimonies. “That,” he says, “has been my big effort—trying to find

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Try Service Instead of Gifts This Mother’s Day

Only a couple of weeks remain before Mother’s Day, and, as the popular meme attests, “Shopping for your mom is hard when she deserves an island and you can afford a candle.” This year, why not do something cheaper and more memorable than buying a candle?

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General Conference Review

If you missed the latest sessions of General Conference, you’re really going to want to catch up! The changes announced were stunning, but the content of the talks was also worth watching or reading many times. We’ve put together a list of some themes that popped

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Join Benjamin Franklin’s Search for Truth

This week marks the anniversary of the day a great mind left this world. On April 17th, 1790, Benjamin Franklin passed away, leaving a legacy of patriotism, experience, and a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. As the 15th child in a poor family, Ben didn’t have

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Faith and Forgiveness in “Just Let Go”

General Conference tends to leave us with a spiritual high and a hunger for more inspiration. How about watching a story so uplifting that it has been featured in two General Conference talks and a Mormon Message? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you stream “Just

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Meet the Newest Apostles!

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all around the world held their breath as they awaited the announcement of two new apostles, and they weren’t disappointed. Elders Gerrit W. Gong and Ulisses Soares were sustained as the newest members of the Quorum

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