New Year, New Inspiration – Big News!

Thanks for using our streaming goodness and staying away from bad media. 2019 was amazing, and we continue to passionately serve you with an excellent alternative to help you eliminate all adversarial influences from your home and feature powerful films that fortify faith. We promise no traumatizing, sacrilegious, films or having to worry to keep your children safe. The worldly waters are so very filthy out there.

We’re thrilled that T.C. Christiansen’s Fighting Preacher arrives next week! It is definitely one of our friend T.C.’s best and is required watching. Garrett Batty’s Out of Liberty is another powerful favorite and will be out next month, and family TV shows Heartland and Highway to Heaven come this quarter—with many more great films and series coming soon.

We continually work to get you the films you want—so please send your requests to me at as we do use them to seek new content. The bigger we get, the bigger the films we can get, so thank you for all your support in sharing this great cause with us. 

We are now working on improving our search feature, better organizing the library, and giving recommendations to similar films. We know it needs to be easy for you to find what you are looking for. If you are not aware, you can also try searching by the topic you are focusing on as that is what our tags are for.

Finally we’ve started some original content with a weekly news segment called LatterDay News that we hope you enjoy, and we are working on even more Come, Follow Me resources to be released soon.

We hope your spiritual eyes this year are 20/20, that you continue to enjoy the word of God, staying far away from those mists of darkness.

With Peace and Love,

Matt Brown 
Living Scriptures, CEO

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Inspiration – Big News!”

  1. First… we, (a group of admires in our Church), love CHOSEN though there are times when it seems too many liberties are taken with declared or even perceived facts. And we aren’t sure WHAT Matthews character quirks are meant to represent, such as his tendency to keep his arms elevated above his waist or to act in such a timid, frightened manor. The very task of being a Jewish Tax Collector for the Romans would dictate the necessity of that individual being bold and courageous. There isn’t Anyone in our Ward circle who doesn’t feel the same and who isn’t perplexed by his portrayal in this Series.

    But…we also agree that the Living Scriptures channel is a remarkable achievement. We are very grateful for its existence and are all similarly devoted to its support. Thank you for providing truly uplifting and family friendly content that inspires greater love and devotion to God, and service to others.

    1. Thank you for such kind words. Yes, we don’t have much control on how certain things are portrayed in others’ films, though I’m confident not even we got it perfect all the time in our animated Bible series. Thanks for taking the time to say kind words.

  2. I really enjoy watching Heartland on BYU TV. It’s one of my favorites, and when I can’t watch it, I’ll record it on my DVR so I can watch it later.

  3. Hi there

    thank-you for all the amazing video’s just love it. I have been trying to get the fighting preacher. Is this movie on living scriptures yet or is it still coming. 🙂

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