New Feature: Sunday Mode

After many requests, we recently released our new feature, “SUNDAY MODE”! When turned on, this will only display content that is faith-based, and eliminate everything else from view. You can turn it on for just Sundays, or leave it on all week long if you wish. You can also now filter out any of the more intense PG-13 movies or shows just for kids (if only adults watch).

We want your Sunday’s to be a delight and we feel this will further help your family focus on spiritual matters, especially on Sundays. We hope you love this setting like we do, and that it is a blessing to your family.

Here’s how to activate it: 

  • On the web, go to “Account”
  • Click “Update Filters”
  • Choose if you want it on just Sundays or all week long and click update.
  • Click “Browse” to see the titles available with this filter applied.
  • Click “Browse” to see the titles available with this filter applied.

To activate Sunday Mode in a TV app:

  • Select “Settings” from the sidebar menu (gear icon)
  • Select “Filters” 
  • Choose the filter you’d like to apply and switch it to “on” 
  • Click the “Home” icon to return to the main screen.

2 thoughts on “New Feature: Sunday Mode”

  1. This option of filters is just great. As a grandma, I get tired of scrolling through the obviously child targeted stuff. I plan to block that, except when the grandkids are hanging out with me. This is one great!!!!!! idea, Thanks.

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