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Reinforces this week’s Primary Sharing Time Theme:
Answers to prayers come from Heavenly Father in many ways.


1 Nephi 17:7–8, 14–15

7. And it came to pass that after I, Nephi, had been in the land of Bountiful for the space of many days, the voice of the Lord came unto me, saying: Arise, and get thee into the mountain. And it came to pass that I arose and went up into the mountain, and cried unto the Lord.

8. And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto me, saying: Thou shalt construct a ship, after the manner which I shall show thee, that I may carry thy people across these waters.

14. Yea, and the Lord said also that: After ye have arrived in the promised land, ye shall know that I, the Lord, am God; and that I, the Lord, did deliver you from destruction; yea, that I did bring you out of the land of Jerusalem.

15.Wherefore, I, Nephi, did strive to keep the commandments of the Lord, and I did exhort my brethren to faithfulness and diligence.


Nephi’s Courage, verse 2 Children’s Songbook page 120


When we say our prayers, we learn to trust Heavenly Father. Sometimes he answers yes, sometimes no, and sometimes he tells us that we need to do something.

Nephi and his family were traveling to the Promised Land. They knew they needed to cross the water. Nephi prayed to find out what they should do. Heavenly Father told him that he needed to build a ship. Nephi didn’t know how to build a ship, but he trusted Heavenly Father and knew that Heavenly Father would help him to build the ship.

Sometimes Heavenly Father asks us to do things too. We might be asked to read the scriptures, pay our tithing, or make a certain choice. Heavenly Father will help us when we trust him.


“When we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we must have trust in him. We must trust him enough that we are content to accept his will, knowing that he knows what is best for us.”

~ Dallin H. Oaks


When the Lord warned Lehi to depart out of the land of Jerusalem and journey into the wilderness, why did Lehi obey?
Nephi trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as he sought to serve him. Nephi had the courage to keep the commandments, even when Laman and Lemuel mocked him.

What are some ways that you can show courage in following Jesus? (Discuss ideas.)

What can our family do to show we are willing to obey and follow the savior? (Discuss ideas.)


Eight-year-old Josh listened as the bishop stood at the pulpit and read a statement from President Hinckley, “I offer a challenge to members of the Church throughout the world and to our friends everywhere to read or reread The Book of Mormon…by the end of the year.”

Josh stared at the new Book of Mormon, his grandmother had given him last night after he had been baptized and confirmed a member of the Church. Josh loved watching the Animated Book of Mormon videos but he didn’t like to read. He closed his eyes and thought about what Nephi had said, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded.”

After he got home from church Josh sat on his bed and opened The Book of Mormon and started to read. He didn’t know all the words, but he didn’t care, because he was doing what the Lord had commanded.

“What ya doing Squirt?”

Josh looked up at Cal, his sixteen-year-old brother Spencer’s best friend.

“I’m reading The Book of Mormon, like President Hinckley told us to.”

Cal began to laugh.

“He didn’t mean you Squirt. You’re too young!”

“He asked members to read and I’m a member, ’cause I just got baptized and confirmed.”

“Hey, Spence, there’s something wrong with the Squirt. He thinks he can read The Book of Mormon before the end of the year. Man, I didn’t even read the whole thing last year for seminary.”

Spencer came into the room. He was embarrassed that Cal had caught his little brother acting so goofy.

“Cal’s right Josh! You’re such a big baby! You won’t even take your turn when we read scriptures as a family! There’s no way you can read The Book of Mormon by yourself! ”

Josh’s face turned red and he felt like crying. He closed his eyes and silently asked Heavenly Father for courage. Then he remembered, in his Journey to the Promised Land video, Laman and Lemuel had teased Nephi, just like Spencer and Cal were teasing him. Josh took a deep breath.

“If the Lord can show Nephi how to build a ship, He can help me read The Book of Mormon!”

by Margie Nauta Lee

Activity idea:

Nephi's Ship

Have fun building NEPHI'S SHIP! Trust the instructions, follow them carefully, and you'll be able to build a ship like Nephi did.

If the ship is a bit tricky for little kids, they may enjoy this coloring page instead.

Treat idea:

Peanut Butter Footsteps

These yummy PEANUT BUTTER FOOTSTEPS will remind you to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

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