Come Follow Me


Seek for Wisdom

Reinforces this week’s “Come Follow Me” study: Doctrine & Covenants 77-80
“I Will Lead You Along”


Doctrine and Covenants 78:2

“And listen to the counsel of him who has ordained you from on high, who shall speak in your ears the words of wisdom, that salvation may be unto you in that thing which you have presented before me, saith the Lord God.”


Search, Ponder, and Pray Children’s Songbook page 109


Joseph Smith knew that if he had questions, he could pray and ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance and that if he followed the counsel of the Lord, he and the Church would be blessed.

When Joseph and Sidney Rigdon were reading the book of Revelation, they had questions about the symbolism John used. In Section 77, we can read about their questions and the answers the Lord gave. This shows us that if we have questions about the scriptures, we can ask the Lord to help us understand. 

When Joseph had questions about how to support the Church and care for the poor, he turned to the Lord in prayer. The Lord helped him to know what to do and also taught him that the things we do in our everyday lives help prepare us for eternity. 

Joseph Smith prayed and received revelation for the missionaries who were called to preach the gospel. Two of those blessings and revelations are recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants in sections 79 and 80.

We can follow the example of Joseph Smith and turn to the Lord for wisdom and guidance.


“He that is most pliant and submissive to the will of God shows the greatest wisdom among all men.” Joseph F. Smith


  • What can we do if we have questions about what we should do?
  • What can we do if we need help understanding?
  • How does the Lord lead us and give us wisdom?

Activity idea:

Crowned with Wisdom

As we seek wisdom from the Lord, we can be crowned with eternal life, which is greater than all the riches of the world. Learn more about seeking wisdom in this activity.

Treat idea:

Chocolate Waffle Wisdom Cookies

Wisdom comes from gaining knowledge and through the Spirit. Make these delicious waffle cookies and use your wisdom to make them taste even better.

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