Living Scriptures Has Got You Covered for Easter

Maybe your five-year-old is a little too focused on eggs and the Easter Bunny or your ten-year-old is only interested in getting a basket full of candy. How can you help your children remember that Easter is about Christ? Living Scriptures has a great answer: the

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Catch Some Life Lessons with “Suits on the Loose”

What would happen if two delinquents took over for a set of Mormon missionaries? That’s exactly what you’ll see when you watch one of Living Scriptures’ latest movies featured on our live streaming library: Suits on the Loose. Justin is a senator’s son with a grudge

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Springtime in the Scriptures

Spring has finally sprung! It’s a beautiful and symbolic time, and many of the world’s most sacred events—such as Christ’s Atonement and resurrection, Joseph Smith’s first vision, and the restoration of Christ’s church on the earth—took place in the spring. Is it any wonder that the

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Cuddle Up with a Date and “The Dance”

Need a romantic movie you can watch while snuggling on the? The tough part may be finding one that makes you think and doesn’t make you want to cover your eyes or ears. Luckily, Living Scriptures has a new release on their live-streaming site. Created by

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10 Ways to Get NOTHING out of General Conference

General Conference is only a couple of weeks away, but preparing for it is so last year. Check out a few of our favorite ways to keep yourself from learning or loving anything from General Conference. Plan a huge event for the same weekend. It doesn’t

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Let “17 Miracles” Help You Find Your Own

What is it about stories—particularly true stories—that captures our attention and hearts? Perhaps it is because those tales are about people who are not so different from us. Their successes give us hope that we will someday find our own. Perhaps that is why 17 Miracles

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Alexander Graham Bell’s Real Legacy

March 3rd may not sound like a particularly important date, but at least in 1847, something world-changing happened on this date. It was then that the inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His most famous invention has evolved into devices he probably never

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Inspiring Winter Stories to Warm Your Heart

It may still be cold outside, but General Conference always has stories to warm our hearts! Here are a few of our favorite winter-themed, inspirational tales from General Conference addresses. Olympic Dreams “I first share the story of Noelle Pikus-Pace, [a] Latter-day Saint [Olympic] athlete. In

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Laugh and Learn with “Mobsters and Mormons”

David Hasselhoff once said, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you can’t laugh at life and the silliness of it all.” That’s the spirit behind a favorite LDS comedy: Mobsters and Mormons. This film will have teen-aged and adult Latter-day Saints in stitches and learning

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