Come Follow Me


Hear and Obey the Law

Reinforces this week’s “Come Follow Me” study: Doctrine & Covenants 41-44
“My Law to Govern My Church”


Doctrine and Covenants 42:2

“Again I say unto you, hearken and hear and obey the law which I shall give unto you.”


Choose the Right Way Children’s Songbook page 160


With so many new converts, people were confused how to practice their new faith. Joseph Smith received a revelation that gave some clear instruction to the early Saints. In this revelation, the Ten Commandments were explained and they were reminded to keep them. They were taught to remember and take care of the poor. The Lord explained a plan for the Saints to share what they had to take care of each other, especially those who had to leave so much behind to gather in Ohio. He reminds them to live together in love. The Lord asks them to have faith to hear and keep the law He has given.


“The holy scriptures and the spoken word of the living prophets give emphasis to the fundamental principles and doctrines of the gospel. The reason we return to these foundational principles, to the pure doctrines, is because they are the gateway to truths of profound meaning. They are the door to experiences of sublime importance that would otherwise be beyond our capacity to comprehend. These simple, basic principles are the key to living in harmony with God and man. They are the keys to opening the windows of heaven. They lead us to the peace, joy, and understanding that Heavenly Father has promised to His children who hear and obey Him.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf


  • In section 42, what were some of the commandments the Saints were given?
  • How can we keep these laws in our lives today?
  • What are some things our current prophet has asked us to do?
  • How does it help us when we hear and obey the commandments?

Activity idea:

Hear and Obey Activity

Picture Word Puzzles

Figure out these fun word puzzles to decode the "secret messages" that teach us important counsel.

Treat idea:

Ear Cookies

H"ear" and Obey Cookies

Make ear shaped cookies with your family to remind them to listen to and follow the laws given by the Lord.

These lessons are perfect for: Family Home Evening at the beginning of the week, to recap the following Sunday or to enhance your family scripture study.

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