Come, Follow Me


Joy in the Gospel

Reinforces this week’s “Come Follow Me” study: 1 & 2 Peter
“Rejoice with Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory”


1 Peter 4:13

13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.



Peter was writing to Gentiles who had become Christians. They were facing a lot of persecution because of their beliefs. Peter had even been warned that he would be killed for teaching about Jesus Christ. But Peter taught the people to rejoice, even in their trials. The message of the gospel is joyful!

If the gospel brings us joy, shouldn’t we share it with others? Peter teaches that we should act in a Christlike way, being kind to others and making good choices. Doing these things helps us to be a good example, which can help us to share the gospel with those around us. When we are asked about our beliefs, Peter says we should “be ready to always give an answer”. (Peter 3:15)

Heavenly Father loves all his children, and he wants us all to have the joy of the gospel – even those who have died without hearing it. Peter teaches that the gospel is taught in the spirit world to the dead. In temples, we can perform ordinances such as baptism for our ancestors who have gone before us, so they can have the joy of the gospel, too.


“The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives. When the focus of our lives is on God’s plan of salvation, and Jesus Christ and His gospel, we can feel joy regardless of what is happening—or not happening—in our lives. Joy comes from and because of Him. He is the source of all joy.”  Russell M. Nelson


How can we have joy even during hard times? (Discuss ideas)

What are some ways we can be good examples to others? (Discuss ideas)

What can we do to be prepared to “always give an answer” when asked about our beliefs? (Discuss ideas)

How can we help our ancestors have joy in the gospel? (Discuss ideas)

Activity idea:

My Family Tree

Print a copy of this family tree for each family member. Let them fill it out, color it, and display it in their room or in a place where they can see it often.

Treat idea:

Sharing the Gospel is a Piece of Cake

Sharing the gospel doesn't have to be hard. Make this yummy cake and while you eat it, think of ways you can share the gospel every day in small ways. (For ideas, see this talk by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

These lessons are perfect for Family Home Evening at the beginning of the week, or to recap the following Sunday. Or use portions of the lesson throughout the week to enhance your family scripture study.

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