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The Armor of God

Reinforces this week’s “Come Follow Me” study: Ephesians
“For the Perfecting of the Saints”


Ephesians 6:11

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.


I Will Be Valiant p. 162


Paul compares preparing ourselves to withstand evil and temptations to putting on armor, which he calls the Armor of God. If we are prepared, and have courage and faith, we’ll be able to overcome temptations and make right choices.

Girdle of Truth: A girdle is a belt that protects a soldier’s body. Knowing the truth can protect us.

Breastplate of Righteousness: The breastplate protects the heart. When we have a desire to do what is right and try our best to keep the commandments, we are showing our love for God. 

Shoes of the Gospel of Peace: The gospel shows us the way we should go. By following the Savior’s example, we can walk in peace.

Shield of Faith: Our faith can shield and protect us through life’s trials. Just as we would need to actively use a shield to protect our bodies, we can exercise our faith to overcome temptations and adversity.

Helmet of Salvation: Remembering God and His plan for us protects us from false ideas or distractions. 

Sword of the Spirit: Like a sharp sword, the Spirit can “prick” our hearts and help us to make good choices and fight against wrong. Listening to the Spirit keeps us safe. 

Prayer: After describing the Armor of God, Paul encourages us to pray always. We can ask Heavenly Father to help protect us and he will bless us.


“We were dressed in our home each morning, not only with hats and raincoats and boots to protect us from physical storm, but even more carefully our parents dressed us each day in the armor of God. As we would kneel in family prayer and listen to our father, a bearer of the priesthood, pour out his soul to the Lord for the protection of his family against the fiery darts of the wicked, one more layer was added to our shield of faith. While our shield was being made strong, theirs was always available, for they were available and we knew it.” L. Tom Perry


What does the Armor of God protect us from? Discuss ideas.

Why do you think Paul described each piece of armor the way he did? Discuss ideas.

How can we put on each piece of the Armor of God? Discuss ideas.


“Hurry, Gage! We need to be on our way, if we are going to get to Springdale before noon.”

“I can’t find my sword. How can Danny and I slay Dragons if I don’t have my sword?”

“You have five minutes to find it,” Father said. “Did you check the tree house?” he added.

Gage’s frown was replaced with a big grin as he raced to the tree house where he was sure he would find the prized sword his grandfather has given him for his birthday. Gage searched frantically, but when he heard the car horn honk, he reluctantly walked to the car empty handed.

“Cheer up, champ. There will be plenty of toys to play with at Aunt June’s.”

Gage forced a smile. “I know, but it won’t be as fun without my sword.”

Danny was waiting on the front porch when the car pulled up. “They’re here, Mom!” he hollered.

June put the bowl of gooey chocolate in the fridge before walking to meet her brother and nephew. “Oh my! Look how big you’ve grown. I bet you’re a whole foot taller than you were at Christmas,” she exclaimed.

Gage pulled back his shoulders and stood as tall as he could. “I’m eight now!”

“I know!” Aunt June said. “Have you decided if you’re going to join Christ’s church?”

Gage smiled. Aunt June knew he was getting baptized, but she had a way of making him feel important. “Ammon’s going to baptize me in two more Saturdays and then Dad’s going to confirm me on Sunday.”

“Oh, Gage! I am so proud of you. You are making the right choice,” Aunt June exclaimed. “Now, you boys go put Gage’s suitcase in Danny’s room and then you can help me make chocolate truffles for Family Night.”

“All right!” the boys shouted in unison as they ran up the stairs to Danny’s room.

Father and June visited until the boys returned.

“You be good now and mind Aunt June and Uncle Abe!” Father said as he got back into the car to leave.

“I will,” Gage promised as he waved good bye.

After Father pulled away, Aunt June, Danny, and Gage went into the kitchen. Aunt June retrieved the bowl from the refrigerator and sat it on the table. We’re having a special lesson in your honor, Gage. Guess who we’re learning about tonight?”

Gage thought for a moment and then grinned. “Helaman’s stripling warriors?”

“That’s right! And we’re going to make Shields of Faith with these truffles.”

While they worked at forming the chocolate into balls, molding them into shield shapes and decorating them with nuts and candy, Gage told Aunt June and Danny about the sword Grandpa had given him for
his birthday.

“I wanted to bring it so we could slay dragons, but I couldn’t find it,” he groaned.

“It’s okay Gage. We can play with it when I come to stay with you,” Danny said.

“I think I know a way that you two can still save me from the dragon!” Aunt June teased.

Aunt June set to work cutting swords, shields, and breast plates out of cardboard for the two boys. She then cut and fashioned helmets out of two empty plastic gallon jugs. The boys helped by covering all the pieces with aluminum foil.

“Wow! Thanks, Aunt June. These are really awesome!” Gage exclaimed as Aunt June helped the boys put on their armor.

“Ya! Thanks, Mom. You’re the greatest!” Danny said with pride.

“You’re both very welcome. Now go slay me a dragon!”

That night during Family Night, Uncle Abe and Aunt June taught the boys about the armor of God.

“Boys,” Aunt June testified, “Even though you can’t see the armor of God, it is real and it will protect you and our entire family from something far worse than dragons and that is Satan. If you remember to put on the whole armor of God every day, you will have the courage and weapons you need to fight the battle against Satan…”

by Margie Nauta Lee

Activity idea:

The Armor of God

Learn more about the Armor of God by dressing the soldier with armor and discussing the importance of each piece.

Treat idea:

Shields of Faith Chocolate Truffles

Make and enjoy your own Shields of Faith made from these homemade chocolate truffles!

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