Your Movie For Father’s Day: “One Good Man”

Father’s Day is coming up, and Living Scriptures has got the perfect Sabbath-appropriate movie for your dad! Watch how an ordinary father’s life touches the lives of everyone around him and inspire your own father with “One Good Man”.

Aaron Young’s life is more than a little complicated. He and his wife have six kids, including one on a mission, one about to leave on his mission, one struggling to find herself, and one about to get married. Aaron does his best to love and support his family, but he sometimes wonders whether it’s enough.

It doesn’t help that Aaron gets called to be the bishop of his ward. “Overwhelmed” doesn’t even begin to describe his feelings. Can he handle the ward members scrutinizing his every move, manage his time, and take care of the people he’s been called to serve?

As if that weren’t enough, pressures at work are mounting. The company isn’t doing well, and the boss has put Aaron in charge of laying off many employees to cut costs. One of these employees is even a member of the ward. What will this man think if his own bishop has to let him go?

Then Aaron’s best friend at work presents Aaron with a possible solution: leave the company with him to start their own franchise together. The offer is tempting. After all, Aaron has always wanted to try something new, and he doesn’t know whether he could do anything to save his fellow employees.

With wedding plans in full sway for his daughter, Laura, Aaron is given yet something else to handle. Laura’s future in-laws are not members of the Church and are quite upset about the idea of not being able to attend their son’s temple sealing. How can Aaron bridge the gap and help these people understand?

As time goes on, Aaron begins to feel as though everything is slipping between his fingers. Despite his continual and desperate efforts, he worries that he will never make a difference in the lives of the people he cares about. It may take looking at the blessings around him for Aaron to realize that while it may not always feel like enough, being a good man is always worth it.

This Father’s Day, show your dad that you notice his efforts. Help him see how much a man doing his best can really accomplish. Sit down with him and watch “One Good Man”. He’ll think the time with you is the best gift you could offer.


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