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New Testament II
The Kingdom of Heaven

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The Kingdom of Heaven is a series of short stories called parables. As Jesus teaches the people each parable, some begin to understand what the “Kingdom of Heaven” is like. Some have “ears that will not hear” and are not willing to become followers of the Savior. At the Second Coming they will not be counted as His own.

Teaches parables from Matthew 13, 25:
    Parable of the Sower and the Seed
    Parable of the Pearl
    Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
    Parable of the Ten Maidens
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>  The Righteous Judge  >  Signs of the Times  >  The Greatest is the Least 
>  Forgive Us Our Debts  >  The Messiah Comes!  >  The Lord’s Prayer 
>  Lazarus Lives  >  Worthy is the Lamb  >  Saul of Tarsus 
>  The Kingdom of Heaven  >  He is Risen  >  The Ministry of Paul 
Change your media influence.
About 90% of what comes on T.V. is violent and anti-gospel. Only about 8% is educational and only 2% is gospel oriented. Counter this negative media influence with wholesome, uplifting, and spiritually educating media. 

Rather than driving the spirit away with negative media, invite a good atmosphere in your home with these educational and entertaining stories.

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I feel that you can’t lose when you’re teaching children about the scriptures. Children are so impressionable, and they need good things to fill their minds. ~ Kimberly Roberts
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