The Living Principles of America – Audio Series on CD


Experience the vision of America from the sailing of Columbus to the flight of Lindbergh. The Living Principles of America teaches the character traits of great Americans like Patrick Henry and Abraham Lincoln.

You’ll also be there to relive history as the patriots throw the tea into Boston Harbor. Hear the gunfire of the revolution, and find out how General George Washington defeated the British.

At home or on the go, the Dramatized Living Principles of America is a treasured collection for learning how this great country was founded. 56 great stories on 36 Cds.

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56 stories on 36 CDs.

  1. Columbus 
  2. Powhatan 
  3. William Bradford 
  4. The City on a Hill 
  5. Roger Williams 
  6. Anne Hutchinson 
  7. Lord Baltimore’s Ark 
  8. The First Rebellion 
  9. The Salem Witches 
  10. Young Ben Franklin 
  11. Franklin in Philadelphia 
  12. Washington’s Early Years 
  13. Frontier Soldier 
  14. Daniel Boone 
  15. Samuel Adams 
  16. The Sons of Liberty 
  17. John Adams: A Fair Trial 
  18. Patrick Henry 
  19. If This be Treason 
  20. A New Government 
  21. Boston Tea Party 
  22. The Siege of Boston 
  23. The Continental Congress 
  24. Road to Lexington 
  25. Road from Concord 
  26. Ticonderoga 
  27. Commander-In-Chief 
  28. Breed’s Hill 
  29. “Common Sense” 
  30. Declaration of Independence 
  31. Endless Defeat 
  32. Crossing the Delaware 
  33. Lafayette & French Alliance 
  34. The Hero of Saratoga 
  35. Valley Forge 
  36. Beginning of Victory 
  37. Spies and Traitors 
  38. The War Moves South 
  39. The Swamp Fox 
  40. Cowpens 
  41. Yorktown 
  42. Washington & the Constitution 
  43. Robert Fulton: The Plunging Boat 
  44. Fulton’s Folly 
  45. A. Jackson: The Common Man 
  46. A. Jackson: People’s President 
  47. Harriet Beecher Stowe 
  48. Abraham Lincoln 
  49. A House Divided 
  50. The Wounded Nation 
  51. Grant and Lee 
  52. Thomas Edison 
  53. Susan B. Anthony 
  54. Booker T. Washington 
  55. The Wright Brothers 
  56. Charles Lindbergh 


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