The Dramatized New Testament – Audio Series


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be there with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, at the Sermon on the Mount, or at the Garden Tomb with Mary? This series is written by Orson Scott Card and brought to life with the talent of dozens of voice actors. You will feel like you are there with the disciples, experiencing the Savior’s ministry and miracles for the very first time.

At home or on the go, the 36-CD Dramatized New Testament collection is a convenient way to learn and relive the four Gospels, Acts and Revelation.

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71 Stories on 36 CDs

1. The Rise of Herod 
  2. The Messianic Hope 
  3. The Christmas Story 
  4. Wise Men from the East 
  5. A Child in the Temple 
  6. Voice Crying in the Wilderness 
  7. Prepare Ye the Way… 
  8. Follow Me 
  9. A Marriage in Cana 
  10. Born of the Water & Spirit 
  11. Woman at the Well 
  12. Except in His Own Country 
  13. Fishers of Men 
  14. Healer of the Sick 
  15. The New Law 
  16. Twelve Apostles 
  17. Sermon on the Mount: I 
  18. Sermon on the Mount: II 
  19. Sermon on the Mount: III 
  20. The Widow’s Son 
  21. Who Forgives Sins 
  22. Signs 
  23. Parables: Sower and the Seed 
  24. Parables : Wheat and Tares 
  25. Storm at Sea 
  26. Who Touched Me? 
  27. The Apostles Sent 
  28. Death of John the Baptist 
  29. The Five Thousand 
  30. On the Water 
  31. The Gentile’s Daughter 
  32. Who Do You Say That I Am? 
  33. The Seventy 
  34. Where Are Your Accusers? 
  35. The Man Born Blind 
  36. The Good Samaritan 
  37. Teach Us to Pray 
  38. Scribes, Pharisees, Hypocrites 
  39. Jesus Escapes 
  40. Parables: The Wedding Feast 
  41. Parables: The Prodigal Son 
  42. Parables: The Unjust Steward 
  43. Lazarus is Dead 
  44. Ten Lepers 
  45. Suffer Little Children 
  46. Worthy of His Hire 
  47. Mary and Martha 
  48. The Triumphal Entry 
  49. By What Authority? 
  50. The Great Commandment 
  51. The Widow’s Mite 
  52. Talents 
  53. The Last Supper 
  54. The Mount of Olives 
  55. The Arrest 
  56. The Trial 
  57. Give Us Barabbus 
  58. Jesus of Nazareth… 
  59. Burial and Resurrection 
  60. He Lives 
  61. The Day of Pentecost 
  62. Silver and Gold 
  63. Stephen and Saul 
  64. What God Hath Cleansed 
  65. The Road to Damascus 
  66. Jews and Gentiles 
  67. Peter in Prison 
  68. The Unknown God 
  69. Paul Before Agrippa 
  70. Empire Against the Church 
  71. Apocalypse 


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