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Listen to the Dramatized Great Mormon Women whenever you want to feel the spiritual uplift of this monumental tribute to Mormon womanhood. Witness the traits of compassion, perseverance, faith, and self-worth embodied in such women from LDS Church history as Emma Smith, Eliza R. Snow and Mary Fielding Smith.

Experience the stories of 15 women in this MP3 downloadable collection.

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16 stories, MP3 Download.

1. Lucy Mack Smith
2. Emma Hale of Harmony
3. The Prophet’s Wife
4. The President of Women
5. Eliza R. Snow
6. Mary Fielding Smith
7. Louisa Pratt
8. Ellis Reynolds Ship
9. The Two Zinas: Mother and Daughter
10. Aurelia Spencer Rogers
11. Minerva Teichert
12. Susan Young Gates
13. Jessie Evans Smith
14. Mary Frances Sturlaugson Eyer
15. Camilla Eyring Kimball
16. Paula Hawkins

1 review for Great Mormon Women – Audio Download

  1. Amanda

    My Parents got this when I was a teenager. I used to fall asleep listening to them. I loved them. I really loved the story’s and how strong the women are. All that they did and how they kept there faith. I still love the story’s.

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