Docudrama of the Restoration


Epic Church History—Watch as the Kirtland temple is dedicated and struggle with the Willie Martin Handcart Company who suffered in Martin’s Cove.

Through reenactments, live interviews, and on-site cinematography the award-winning epic series of the Docudrama of the Restoration deepens testimonies through the astonishing history of the Church while visiting historical sites.

13 DVDs

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Roots of an American Prophet
The Heavens are Opened
New York: The Church Restored
Kirtland: The Spirit of God
Missouri: Zion Revealed
England: The Field is White
Nauvoo: The City of Joseph
The Trek West
The Mormon Battalion
The Handcart Pioneers
Ensign Unto All People
A Legacy of Faith
Visit Nauvoo

A total of 13 DVDs
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