“FHE Lesson: Filling the Earth with the Gospel

FHE Lesson: “Filling the Earth with the Gospel” Principle: Sharing the Gospel

“If the gospel is going to roll forth and fill the whole earth, what a responsibility we Latter-day Saints have, with our families, in helping it to roll forth into all the earth. There is no message in this world today that could be told that would be as valuable to our neighbors and our friends who are not members of this church as to bear witness of this great event [The First Vision].” LeGrand Richards


Video Clip: Mormon and Moroni chapters 11–12

Would that every ear could hear the last testimony of Moroni, this giant among men, this humble servant of God.” Joseph B. Wirthlin.

“For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled.” (Mormon 8: 22). This tender account portrayed in the video clip from our digitally restored Mormon and Moroni widescreen 20th anniversary edition sets the spiritual tone for teaching your family how they can do their part to help fill the earth with the Gospel.

Story: “Do You Want to Go to Primary?”

by Margie Nauta Lee © Living Scriptures, Inc.

“Do you know about God’s plan for you?” “Do you know where you’re going?” “Do you know where you’ve been?” “Do you know, you’re a child of God?”

These are some of the questions Debbie loves to ask and more importantly answer. She asked the lady standing next to her in the grocery store line, the parents of one of her day-care children, the neighbor down the street and even the phone repairman. When the Spirit whispers, Debbie listens and acts. Some will listen and some will not, but Debbie found something wonderful when she was a young girl and the Spirit guides her in sharing it. … Read More

Activity: Sharing the Gospel

In the Oct. 1997 General Conference President Hinckley said, “If we will go forward, never losing sight of our goal, speaking ill of no one, living the great principles we know to be true, this cause will roll on in majesty and power to fill the earth. Doors now closed to the preaching of the gospel will be opened. … The key to the great challenges facing us and to the success of the work will be the faith of all who call themselves Latter-day Saints”

Heavenly Father loves all his children and wants them all to have the opportunity to accept the Gospel and return to live with Him someday. As the paper chain of children grows during this fun and spiritually fulfilling activity your family will discuss and learn how they can do their part in sharing the gospel to help the cause grow and roll on to fill the earth.

Treat: Fruit Leather “Children” Chains

Whether you buy commercial fruit leather or make your own using our Fruit Leather recipe your family will share enthusiasm over this fun treat!

Unfolding this fun and yummy fruit leather treat will help your children visualize how they can help the gospel grow when they share the gospel with others.

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