We LOVE the Scriptures

We love the scriptures!

No, you don’t understand, we really, really love the scriptures. I believe that it is essential to create firm testimonies in the Restored Church through the powerful witness that The Book of Mormon is indeed the word of God. This spiritual witness greatly helps all weather the intense spiritual storms that do come (Helaman 5:12).

We are SUPER ECSTATIC to announce we are partnering with The Scripture Project to bring you simple animated explainer videos that give an overview of the weekly Come, Follow Me lesson. These aid anyone to better understand the people, doctrine, and story of The Book of Mormon. They’re also available for free on YouTube—to share, search “The Scripture Project.” Please share the Gospel today by subscribing, clicking the bell, commenting and above all, share them. We want to flood the earth with this great book that changes lives for good.


Very Sincerely,

Matt Brown
CEO Living Scriptures


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