The Other Side of Heaven 2 is Coming to Theaters this Summer!

The Other Side of Heaven (featuring Christopher Groham and Anne Hathaway) and its success helped broaden the market for faith-based films. Now 18 years later, the sequel is finally being released. The Other Side of Heaven 2 is coming to theaters June 28, 2019.

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The Other Side of Heaven is based on the experiences of missionary John Groberg from 1954 to 1957 in the Tongan Islands. Groberg wrote about his real-life experiences in his book titled, “In the Eye of the Storm”. Ten years later, Elder Groberg returned to the islands of Tonga and Figi as Mission President with his family including five young daughters. John Groberg explains, “President Monson asked me to write the first book, and I wrote it, and then he saw that I didn’t have anything about when I was mission president, and he said ‘You’ve got to write another one about when you were mission president’, so both of them were written at the request of President Monson.”

(See John Groberg talk about the sequel here)

This second book, “Fires of Faith”, which tells of Groberg’s trials and miracles as a mission president, and the faith of the Tongan people, is the inspiration for the sequel. “It’s a similarly grand epic adventure and a spiritual odyssey, but this time with a family in tow,” explains director Mitch Davis. “I think this movie is really all about just hanging on to your faith at all costs, especially when it doesn’t make sense.”

The Other Side of Heaven 2 Cast

Cast members returning from the first movie include:

  • Christopher Groham as John H. Groberg
  • Joe Folau as Feki
  • Miriama Smith as Lavania

New cast members for The Other Side of Heaven 2 include Natalie Medlock, who will be playing the part of Jean, John Groberg’s wife, and Russel Dixon, who will play the part of Thomas S. Monson.

The Other Side of Heaven 2 is a story of faith, hope and family.

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A thrilling and epic adventure starring Anne Hathaway and Christopher Gorham. When 19-year-old John Groberg is sent on a three-year mission to Tonga, he has no idea what he's getting into. Just getting to Tonga is fraught with danger and unbelievable obstacles. Once there, he finds himself in the midst of a culture as remote to him as the island is to his Idaho Falls home. Not understanding the language, and lonely for his fiancee, John faces suspicion, distrust, typhoons, tidal waves, mosquitoes, and other perils of man and nature as he reaches out to the people of Tonga. Filled with adventure, breathtaking scenery, and humor, THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN is a coming-of-age film your whole family will enjoy.

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