“Love, Kennedy” Now Available on Living Scriptures Streaming

You may have heard the true story or seen the movie in theaters. But now that “Love, Kennedy” is available on Living Scriptures Streaming, you and your family can watch and be uplifted from anywhere. See how one girl with big challenges but a bigger testimony of Christ can change lives.

Kennedy Hansen always brought smiles to people’s faces. From the time she was young, she reached out in love to those around her, looked to the future, and shared her belief in Jesus. She loved playing sports and dreamed of someday becoming a cheerleader at her high school. But, for no apparent reason, she suddenly starts to trip and fall. After years of questions, she finally gets a diagnosis: Juvenile Batten Disease. The incurable illness will take her sight, her mental capacity, and eventually her life.

Though she knows about the trials ahead, Kennedy chooses to make the best of the time she has left. Her attitude brings hope to her family, who learn better how to love.

Kennedy’s zest for life and fun-loving spirit also gain her new friends at school. She even gets to fulfill her dream of joining her school’s cheerleading squad! Even the most skeptical members of the squad grow to cherish Kennedy and the feeling she brings to their team.

The deterioration of Kennedy’s body isn’t enough to restrict her influence. Her strength and spirit set things in motion that will bless and enlighten people even in the eternities. Those lucky enough to be close to Kennedy get a glimpse of the other side of the veil, the enduring nature of the human soul, and God’s perfect love.

The next time you wonder what good is left in the world, remember this special girl. Show your family the tenderness in God’s plan and how even a single person can spread joy to thousands. Watch “Love, Kennedy” today, only on Living Scriptures Streaming.


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