Living Scriptures Has Got You Covered for Easter

Maybe your five-year-old is a little too focused on eggs and the Easter Bunny or your ten-year-old is only interested in getting a basket full of candy. How can you help your children remember that Easter is about Christ? Living Scriptures has a great answer: the Animated Stories from our Easter Collection.

First, you can prepare your children for Easter by showing them “Worthy is the Lamb.” This video recounts the events of Jesus’ last week of mortality, including the last supper, suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, the crucifixion, and more. The video helps children understand the painful experiences Jesus went through in a spiritual, non-graphic way and will remind them of the sacrifices Jesus made for them.

You can also print the “Worthy is the Lamb” activity book from our live streaming website. This could be especially handy this year for your children who may be too young and restless to sit through all of the sessions of General Conference this Easter weekend. Letting them color pictures of the Savior at the Last Supper, quiz themselves on the events depicted in the video, and visualize Jesus’ Atonement will keep them learning about Christ.

Another video—perhaps best viewed on Easter day—is “He is Risen.” This film begins at Jesus’ death, shows the sorrow and despair of His disciples, and finally depicts the joyous event of His resurrection. Your children will grow to better understand how Jesus can “wipe away all tears from [our] eyes” (Revelation 21:4) and what it means to have faith in someone we may never have seen.

Your family can even create a Family Home Evening based on “He is Risen” by printing off the FHE lesson from the streaming page. Enjoy a video clip, story time, and a treat together as you learn more about the first Easter.

Finally, round out your children’s understanding of Christ’s Atonement and resurrection by showing them “The Savior in America,” which tells the story of the Nephites’ first Easter. Visualizing the connections between the Bible and Book of Mormon will help kids make doctrinal connections. Your family will be especially touched by the depiction of Christ blessing the Nephite children.

This Easter, help your children learn in their own way of the Savior’s perfect love. Share your own testimonies that He is risen, and let them see and feel it for themselves.

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