Grow to Love the Book by Watching “The Book of Mormon Movie”

In recent General Conferences, President Monson and President Nelson both challenged us to study the Book of Mormon every day. Great blessings have been promised to families who make the Book of Mormon part of their lives. But how can parents get their children excited about this book? Let children visualize the Book of Mormon and help make its characters real to them by showing them “The Book of Mormon Movie—Volume 1: The Journey.”

You and your family may be familiar with the story, but you’ve probably never seen a live-action portrayal on the screen. Get to know Nephi and his family in a brand-new way by watching them live and then leave their lives in Jerusalem. A look at the desert landscape will help you appreciate how daunting their journey really was.

Let your children stand with Nephi as he and his brothers go to the house of Laban and are visited by an angel. Their faith that God indeed always prepares a way for us will only increase.

Get a glimpse of the romances largely left out of the scriptures. How would courting the daughters of Ishmael have worked in the wilderness? “The Book of Mormon Movie” shows one lovely possibility.

View Lehi’s dream—and Nephi’s later visions—just as they might have. Let the principles taught in the vision of the tree of life sink into your heart in a brand-new way.

Journey with Lehi’s entire family through the desert and to the seashore. Watch Nephi’s brothers humble themselves long enough to construct a ship . . . and then have to repent all over again after the great storm on their voyage.

Join in the family’s prayer of gratitude when they finally reach the Promised Land. See the tensions rise to the point of cutting family ties. But most of all, view how consistently the Lord blesses and protects those who love and follow Him.

As your family members come to love the tales and people of “The Book of Mormon Movie,” it will be all the easier for them to love the book itself. At that point, you’ll just get to watch the blessings flow.


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