Filters Now Available on Living Scriptures Streaming

We are so excited to share this with you!

We are always working to give you the best experience with our streaming service, the new filter feature has come to do just that.

You are now able to filter PG13 movies or place your account in “Sunday Mode” to give you more control over what content is displayed to your family. 

Sunday is a special day of the week, and now it’s even easier to help keep the spirit in your home with Sunday Mode. This filter will display only the movies that are Sunday approved. 

How to Turn On Filters

1. Login to your account through the website; you can login here.

2.  Go to your account page;

3. Select update filters;

4.  Select the filters you would like applied to your account & click update;

5. Return to Browse to start watching movies.

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4 thoughts on “Filters Now Available on Living Scriptures Streaming”

  1. Jonathan Evans

    How do you decide what is Sunday appropriate? Is there a way that we can choose what movies we want to allow on Sunday?

    1. Hi Jonathan, you can use the filters we added recently, we have a filter that removes any title that is not the best for Sunday.

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