Faith and Forgiveness in “Just Let Go”

General Conference tends to leave us with a spiritual high and a hunger for more inspiration. How about watching a story so uplifting that it has been featured in two General Conference talks and a Mormon Message? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you stream “Just Let Go”, based on the true events in the lives of an LDS family.

When Chris Williams took his family out to ice cream on a February night in 2007, he had no idea that it would be the last time. Their car was hit by that of a drunk driver. Chris’ wife, two of his children, and his unborn child were all killed. All that remained were Chris, his two other sons, and unspeakable grief. But as Chris looked out over the scene of the crash, he heard a voice command him, “Let it go.”

But how? Chris’ life and the lives of his sons and other family members had been shattered. Their loved ones’ mortal lives could not be restored. Members of the Williams family had to learn how to walk again, smile again, and somehow be a family again. And all the while, they had a court case to worry about.

The drunk driver, Curtis, had been a week away from his 18th birthday when he’d hit the Williams’ car. The district attorney representing Chris felt that, in order to be held fully accountable for drinking like an adult and causing so many deaths, Curtis needed to be tried as an adult. That would probably put him in prison for 30 years. While forces around him cried for this exercise of justice, Chris worried about Curtis’ life being taken from him.

How could he, the bishop of his ward and a man who had received forgiveness of his own, deny forgiveness to this young man? But on the other hand, how could he and his family walk through their pain without a sense of justice? The Williams family’s journey—and Chris’ final pleas to the court judge and to Curtis—are touching proof of the peace that can come from tragedy.

If you want to see the process of healing and believe in the power of forgiveness, take the time to learn Chris Williams’ story. Show your family “Just Let Go”.


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