Director Spotlight: T.C. Christensen

Nearly every Latter-day Saint with access to a television has seen the work of T.C. Christensen. From Finding Faith in Christ to his most recent film, Love, Kennedy, Christensen’s films have touched hearts and strengthened testimonies. “That,” he says, “has been my big effort—trying to find stories that are strong and have a meaning so that people come out of the theater with something to chew on and think about, something to talk about with their families.”

T.C. caught “the movie bug” from his father, who took home videos of T.C. and his nine siblings when they were young. T.C. later studied film at BYU and the University of Utah. His first movie jobs didn’t seem promising at the time, but Christensen’s persistence and paid off. He first directed a film in 1980 and has created quite the filmography list since then. He was the cinematographer for films such as The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd, Forever Strong, and The Stray and has been a director in the following films:

  • The Penny Promise
  • Bug Off!
  • Finding Faith in Christ
  • Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration
  • Emma Smith: My Story
  • Gordon B. Hinckley: A Giant Among Men
  • Only a Stonecutter
  • Treasure in Heaven: The John Tanner Story
  • 17 Miracles
  • Ephraim’s Rescue
  • The Cokeville Miracle
  • Love, Kennedy

Despite his long and extensive career, Christensen isn’t slowing down. “I am still excited to get up every morning and get back into this business of making movies—I think mostly because of the lure of creativity and the constantly changing worlds I find myself in.”

Christensen’s most recent film, Love, Kennedy, is proof that Christensen has made inspiration into an art form. “This film has a ton of redemption,” Christensen notes. “By the end, there are so many insights that show there’s a plan, not just in her life, but in our lives as well.” Audiences have already adored Love, Kennedy so much that Living Scriptures is ecstatic to have released it on Living Scriptures Streaming!

Despite enjoying the fun and success that have accompanied his work, Christensen has dedicated his life to creating uplifting films for more serious reasons. “I feel a responsibility to do good, positive work partially just because I was so blessed (and continue to be) myself.” That attitude is one reason audiences will be drawn to Christensen’s films for decades to come.


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11 thoughts on “Director Spotlight: T.C. Christensen”

  1. Bravo T.C.!

    Deeply appreciate all the efforts you’ve made to help bring wonderful stories to life, including “Treasure in Heaven: The John Tanner Story” about my 4th great grandfather 🙂

  2. Dee Dee Squires

    My favorite TC film is The Cokeville Miracle! What a great story and TC tells it beautifully!

  3. Yes I am 58 yrs old and absolutely Love the meanings in his films, he makes things so true to life and real…5 stars up ratings! Excellent

  4. My two favorites are 17 Miracles and Ephriams Rescue.
    I would love to see a film about William Clayton author of Come Come Ye Saints. He was my great great grandfather. There are many stories surrounding him and the hymn that are miraculous. Including an Indian attack that never happened because the pioneers were singing Come Come Ye Saints, the invention of the odometer, his faith and devotion to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young as secretary and many more.

  5. I have worked with T C on 5 or 6 films, he is a great and humble man. It has been a pleasure to know him.

  6. I have loved every one of his films – and especially 17 Miracles and Treasures from Heaven! Thank you for providing true stories that should never be forgotten. Seeing them depicted, v.s. reading about them leaves powerful images in my brain that affect my life for good. Thank you!

  7. TC Christianson, holds a piece of the universe. A piece that links others to their own truth helping them recognize their spiritual gifts not only to be a part of this grand design but to heal their own lives.
    Having been tutored by the Lord, I know this truth and it has healed my life, my body and my blood line. I now teach this truth and have written a play that opens the awareness in others to do the same. God is calling all of us to open up our minds and hearts to live our truth for it is the only way to create wholeness in this massive universal puzzle. Hope is present and waiting! Arlene

  8. T. C.
    This is Elder Summers from the mission field. I remember that even then yo you wanted to work for KSL as a cameraman. You’ve come a long way since that time. Congrats on your successes. Your films are marvelous.

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