Catch Some Life Lessons with “Suits on the Loose”

What would happen if two delinquents took over for a set of Mormon missionaries? That’s exactly what you’ll see when you watch one of Living Scriptures’ latest movies featured on our live streaming library: Suits on the Loose.

Justin is a senator’s son with a grudge and a past. His friend, Tyler, has never known his father and acts like it. Their criminal records land them both in a military-run survival camp in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Eventually, the boys decide they’ve had enough. They escape from the camp with nothing but a beat-up truck and some cash, and they wonder whether they’ll make it out of the desert alive.

That’s when they meet Elder Talbot and Elder Johnson at a rest stop. These two LDS missionaries are headed to their new assignment in a small town called New Harmony, but before they can finish their business at the rest stop, Justin and Tyler steal the Elders’ car and all of their belongings. They even don the Elders’ suits and ties in order to stay under the radar.

The disguises work a little too well. Before Justin and Tyler can say “MTC,” they’re dragged to New Harmony to meet the local Mormons who have been dying to meet the new Elders. While the real Elder Johnson and Elder Talbot are looking for civilization, the fake Elder Johnson and Elder Talbot are learning a few mission rules, performing service, and teaching people a religion they know nothing about. One thing is clear to everyone in New Harmony: These Elders are a little different.

Can the “Elders” keep up their ruse long enough to get the feds off their trail? Will Justin be able to treat the pretty and generous waitress, Sarah, like a missionary would? What if the boys decide they actually like the missionary life? And—maybe worst of all—what will happen if Justin and Tyler get caught?

There’s probably no funnier way to teach your family about acceptance, accountability, and creating a life you love. Watch Suits on the Loose and remember that God works in mysterious ways!


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