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Amazed by the Knowledge
My kids were constantly borrowing the Living Scriptures videos from their grandma, so one year my husband and I decided to go ahead and buy some of the sets for our own home. I couldn't believe that the kids were asking me to put on Jesus' Parables or Lazarus Lives instead of the other movies we own. I am constantly amazed by the knowledge they have gained from watching the bible stories acted out. Even better, my husband and I like watching them also. The movies are kid friendly, but the content is not "dumbed down". I would recommend this addition to any household.
- Kate Cleverly Did you like this testimonial?

When our six children were very young, we bought the Living Scripture Videos. We thought at the time that we must be "crazy", for we were living on a very meager income. But now looking back, we would have to say this was one of the finest decisions we have made as far as investing in a product that has had such lasting effects for good for our family. The animated version of Book of Mormon Stories and Old and New Testaments were the ones we received, and what a thrill it was to receive these each month, it was like Christmas all year long!

These movies were INVALUABLE in our children's learning of these wonderful stories. They would quote from them at a very early age. And their primary teachers were amazed at how well they knew the answers to so many questions. We attribute this to not only reading and teaching our children ourselves, but also a large part was the viewing of the Living Scripture movies.

It became a regular activity on Sundays before or after church to put on a "church movie" as they called them! We also watched these movies for Family Home Evening occasionally, and we would discuss the story afterward and ask how it applied to our lives, they enjoyed these family nights very much, and would never complain or quarrel, which was a definite plus!

Of course, one of our favorite things to say if they were quarreling was, "Now lets be like Nephi, not Laman or Lemuel!" This was very effective when they were young. In fact, after our fourth son was born, his oldest brother named him, Daniel Brock Bawden Nephi, and would introduce him to everyone with that full name! Now this fourth son is serving a full time mission in West Virginia and we often address his letters to, "Elder Daniel Brock Bawden Nephi" :)

We would highly recommend to anyone who is considering this investment to do so, and we know you will find great things come to your family as well.

Happy Scripture Learning!
- The Ken Bawden Family Did you like this testimonial?

Love these DVDs
I grew up having the Living Scriptures videos in our home, my mother was always proud when people in the ward would comment on how well we knew our scripture stories. Now that I am a mom I love having these wonderful DVDs in my home, they are a great way for children to learn and understand the scriptures and gospel principles. They are also perfect for family home evening and primary lessons. My Husband and I feel that these movies have been a good investment in the testimonies and education of our children.
- Amy Ayres Did you like this testimonial?

Learn Spanish!
We lived in Chile and everyone learned Spanish (to varying degrees). When we came home we were worried that the kids would lose their language skills and that ours wouldn't improve, so we bought the DVD's and on Sundays we watch them in Spanish. The subtitles help us when there are sections we don't understand well. Unlike the translations in many movies, the subtitles on yours are almost word for word and that is great as a learning tool. The Spanish is also very clear and easy to understand.
- Dave and Jody Reid Did you like this testimonial?

Step by Step
These videos give great imagery to attach to the scriptures, and they make it easier to recognize what is happening and comprehend the principles when you read the scriptures. The songs are high quality and memorable as well and I love to play them on my acoustic guitar. As I'm still learning the gospel, lyrics like "Step by step I'll travel on my journey," I'm lost and I'm alone. I can't make it on my own. Hand in hand we walk, prayer by prayer we talk," are inspiring and meaningful to me.

The Modern Prophet Video series is full of background information that makes each prophet memorable and unique that you probably won't find in the Elder's quorum manual series "Teachings of the Prophets", which are excellent manuals by the way. It just helps you remember each prophet and the uniqueness and at least learn their names and who they were and are. The funny or quirky or things that stand out in their life help you remember them, that they were people as well as prophets too.

Thanks, Living Scriptures for your inspiring media!
- Douglas Voss Did you like this testimonial?

The Best Gift for Your Family
My name is Janet Shaw and I grew up on Living Scripture's animated movies. We got them all. We had Book of Mormon, New Testament, Old Testament and Heroes. We received one in the mail once a month and I remember how excited we were to watch it. Our Dad made us wait until Family Home Evening before we could watch it, and we couldn't wait. These movies are how we learned the scripture stories. It is such a fun way to watch Bible, Book of Mormon and Hero Classic stories. I still vividly remember each story and when asked questions at church, I could remember them all because I knew the stories. They are so exciting and really good. Now that I'm grown and have kids of my own, I have purchased the Dvd's and absolutely LOVE them. They are worth every penny. I can't say enough how these are the best movies you could ever get for your family and you will cherish them!
- Janet Shaw Did you like this testimonial?

Universal Age Appeal
We have had the videos for years. I thought the kids would stop watching as they got older. However, they are all in their teens and still watch.
- Heather Eden Did you like this testimonial?

I ordered the sets of scriptures when my oldest daughter, now 6, was first-born. At the time, I wondered if we would really use them. They have proven to be more valuable than I imagined as we have watched great stories every week. My two daughters know so many stories from the scriptures now and they still watch them over and over again. The most interesting finding has been watching my husband, who is a recent convert, enjoying them right along with my kids. When the envelope comes, he is the first to open the package and begin watching.  They have increased his knowledge of the scriptures and he also uses them in teaching Sunday School classes. I consider them a great investment for our family!

- Del Reanne Lucas Did you like this testimonial?

Hero Classics

Our children love the Animated Hero Classics. When their teachers at school are studying Thomas Edison, Etc. They are delighted when our children offer to bring them in for the class!

- Danniel Harper Did you like this testimonial?

Our family is blessed to have the Book of Mormon, the Old, & New Testament on DVD. I am a convert to the church and I have learned so much from these DVDs. When we read the scriptures as a family, I can see my children’s eyes light up when we read a chapter and they remember the story from the DVD. I’m sure my husband would say my eyes light up too!

Thank you

- Kara Gomez Did you like this testimonial?

Teaching Children the Scriptures
For years it was our goal as a couple to teach our children the scriptures and make it interesting. Of course it was a big challenge until I purchased several video through Living Scriptures. We have seen a big change in our family. Everyone became closer and look forward to having Family Home Evenings. These few videos has made such a positive change that I’m investing in the Family Plan and will recommend them to other families and will refer them too.
- Brian Jones Did you like this testimonial?

Family Home Evenings

We watch the Living Scriptures for family home evenings or the kids watch them before church on Sundays while we’re getting ready. They bring a good spirit into our home and reinforce how important the scriptures are to us. Our kids can better relate to the stories & recall facts much better.

I’m so glad they have such enthusiasm for learning more about gospel principles and incorporating the teachings into their lives. These would be great for any family who is trying to teach their children gospel truths.


- Kim Jensen Did you like this testimonial?

Real Scriptures
I like the Living Scriptures because they really help me understand the scriptures and they are really like the real scriptures.
- Andrew Erickson Did you like this testimonial?


My kids have done so well in primary & seminary classes because they have seen these videos. We use them for FHE and teaching classes. The music on them is so well done. I would recommend them to any family.

- Cindy Middleton Did you like this testimonial?

These are vital tools in raising a family! We watch them instead of TV programs and it is great to see these principles in action in our home. The ideas really sink in and make a real difference!

These tapes & DVD’s are as vital as food storage in any home and we highly recommend them. I use them in all my classes, I use them for FHE, they’re a great resource.

The monthly plan is how we collected ours. The prices are reasonable and easy. The kids really looked forward to the new tape each month. They’re great!

- Pam King Did you like this testimonial?

Great Investment!
We love having the videos in our home. Our kids pull them out every Sunday and absolutely love them. They really help them to learn the scriptures and about the prophets! I would recommend these to any family thinking about it! They are definitely worth the investment!
- Nate Did you like this testimonial?

Dramatized Church History/The Golden Plates
I remember listending to the Dramatized Church History tapes beforel leaving for my mission in 1982. I've since upgraded to the CDs, and my new family and I enjoy listening to them. The scripting and the acting are excellent! I've recenlty been given "Golden Plates" for my birthday. These too also brought back fond memories of my pre-mission days. The quality, acting, and, more inportantly, the doctrinal accuracy are surburb and I highly recommend these cds for family use at the home and in the car as well.
- Reuben Dunn Did you like this testimonial?

Childhood memories
I remember growing up on these movies as a kid. With two older brothers who engaged quite often in rough housing and sports, you never would have taken us to be the kind of boys that liked to watch scripture movies. But the more we watched those stories come to life in front of us, the more our knowledge grew, and the less we seemed to fight. It is so funny to me that even today at 21 years old when I hear a lesson in church about someone from the Book of Mormon, I immediately can see their animated face in my head. It has helped me so much to better understand the scriptures, and to put an amazing imagination along with them. I am so thankful for the sacrafice my mother made to ensure we had these blessings in our home. I have every intention on giving my kids the same blessing one day, to have these amazing videos to share with them and watch them grow as I did.
- Tannon Dowd Did you like this testimonial?

A great blessing to have in the home
I was extremely reluctant to spend the money on the DVD set seeing that they cost more than Hollywood mainstream movies. Even when the rep explained that the company went all out on the quality of the films at high cost, I didn't really believe it would be worth the price. But when I started watching them with my kids, I was totally blown away. The quality of the animation, characters, and storytelling is really amazing top notch with original songs and music. The animated stories to teach the ten commandments made the principles so real and relatable and fun to watch. Even the activity books that came free with my purchase are off the charts. When they said free coloring books, I thought "oh, free coloring books..." But they are amazing 200 page activity books with engaging well-thought out activities that teach. So far we have the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, and Kids' Ten Commandments sets. I feel inspired and edified when I watch these with my kids. I wish every family could have this in their home.
- Edward Lim Did you like this testimonial?

I loved my personal Rep and the movies are Cute
My experience first hand was awesome. Ryon Croston was great at explaining what each movie selection was about and if it would be something my son was interested based on his own kids watching the movies. The movies are really cute too watch and helps teach my son a little more about the gospel doctrine. Definitely recommend all my friends to living scriptures.
- Emily Forman Did you like this testimonial?

A Definite Gospel Teaching Tool
We purchased the Book of Mormon set many years ago when it was in VHS only. Our children watched those videos over and over again. Little did we realize how influential they were. When our children became young adults their Sunday School Teachers and Priesthood leaders would mention how our children really knew a lot about the Book of Mormon stories and were able to discuss gospel topics quite well. We asked them what they felt were the reasons for that and the answer surprised us. They claimed it was due to watching the videos over and over as children. They are a definite tool to have. We are grateful for having purchased those videos so many years ago. Now our grandchildren pull out an old VHS player and watch them as well.
- Todd Deitrick Did you like this testimonial?

Many Living Scriptures
We have had many of your products in our home. They were enjoyed by our children, their children & now, our great grandchildren. It is wonderful that you have created so many teaching tools for us to use. Ryon Croston is one of your employees. He is so thoughtful when he speaks to people. His testimony comes through in his conversations. It's nice to have such helpful men & women on your staff.
- Kayla Bond Did you like this testimonial?

My children grew up watching Living Scripture movies. They knew the scriptures stories much better because of this. Their teachers were surprised by their knowledge. The movies bring their scripture heroes to life. They are the perfect Sunday entertainment. These movies are perfect for any age. They are well worth the money. Sure glad Ryon works there. He can help you!
- Shannon Glenn Did you like this testimonial?

As a young mother I wanted to do all I could to help my children love and understand the scriptures. Having the Living Scripture videos in our home did this. The scriptures were stories they were familiar with and as we sat and watched them as a family we could discuss the stories and help them to know them even better. As Jon Bradshaw called me to ask about my experience with these great videos, it reminded me of how much they added to our keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and our children and now grandchildren loving the stories of the scriptures. Thank you Living Scriptures for creating great animated stories of real events that build faith in Jesus Christ.
- Sara Turner Did you like this testimonial?

Thank You
I'd just like to say how grateful I am to this company for making these wonderful animated videos. I'm 18 and I grew up watching the animated stories from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon hundreds of times. They're worth every penny in my opinion and have really helped shaped who I am today. We just bought the rest of the set since we only had the ones from the Bible on VHS when we originally got them. I love the amazing music, messages, and entertainment value. I'd just like to encourage you all to continue making these videos. In this day and age when 2D traditional animation is dying, I'd love it even more if you could continue to make more of these videos. I understand the great costs it must take, but I want you to know how great of an effect they have had on me and many other people. I've read the Book of Mormon three times, and I have to say there so many more great story choices that could be used. The same definitely goes for the Bible. Once again, thank you for making these inspiring videos.
- Austin Donnelly Did you like this testimonial?

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