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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Living Scriptures part of the LDS Church?

No. We are a for-profit business with a mission to Teach Values and Change Lives by creating and distributing unique, wholesome entertainment for families, most of whom happen to be Latter-day Saints. Furthermore, our site seeks to promote and make our products useful to many LDS families by providing free resources. The owners of Living Scriptures are faithful Latter-day Saints. The Equal Employment policy of the company, however, welcomes any honest person of any affiliation who can support and grow the mission of the company.

Why do I have to pay sales tax on an internet order?

Although you can order conveniently here on the web, Living Scriptures is predominantly a direct sales-driven company. In other words, our products are sold via many independent salespersons who market our products door-to-door, in malls, events or at community gatherings. Because we have a direct sales presence in so many areas, we must collect your state sales tax just as if we had Living Scriptures stores in your area.

What is your warranty?

We will replace any product containing manufacturing defects without cost for 90 days from date of purchase. A postage-paid merchandise return label may be obtained for these products by calling our Customer Service department.

After 90 days, DVDs will be replaced for any reason for half of the current retail price plus tax, as long as Living Scriptures is still selling the product. Such products being replaced must be mailed or delivered to Living Scriptures at the customer’s expense along with payment.

How should I care for my DVDs?

We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality content on high-quality materials. Each DVD is rigorously tested when produced at the factory. In spite of these quality control measures, you can preserve the life of your DVDs by following these recommendations:

    1. Take care when handling the DVD. Though we have gained much in convenience and quality with DVD media, they are less durable than video cassette media. Handle the DVDs without touching the bottom face to reduce the chance of dirtying or scratching the mirrored surface.
    2. Avoid extremes in temperature and direct sunlight. These conditions can be very damaging. It’s a good idea not to leave DVDs in your car for any extended period of time.
    3. Keep DVDs in their protective cases. If using a portable DVD storage case, we recommend ones that have a soft surface in each disc sleeve, and are easy to remove the disc without catching. This should help prevent damage caused by dust, dirt, scratching or dropping.
    4. If you need to clean the mirrored DVD face, we recommend using commercial disc cleaners. Otherwise, use a soft microfiber cloth, after spraying the data surface with a light mist of a commercial disc cleaner, computer monitor cleaner or eyeglasses lens cleaner. (Always confirm from the label that any cleaner you use is safe for DVDs.) Wipe in a radial motion, from center to edge, not in a circular fashion.
    5. For deeper scratches, you may try a commercial DVD scratch repairer. These, however, do not always work.