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Praise to the Man

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T.C. Christensen, the director of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration and cinematographer for The Work and the Glory, and The Testaments, directs this masterful work, filmed on location at key historical sites. You feel the power of Joseph's testimony in Liberty Jail, and you'll see his charity as he freely forgives.

Joseph's legacy continues today in the dedicated lives of Saints throughout the world who still sing; "Praise to the Man who Communed with Jehovah!"
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>  Praise to the Man  >  Joseph F. Smith  >  Harold B. Lee 
>  Brigham Young  >  Heber J. Grant  >  Spencer W. Kimball 
>  John Taylor  >  George Albert Smith  >  Ezra Taft Benson 
>  Wilford Woodruff  >  David O. McKay  >  Howard W. Hunter 
>  Lorenzo Snow  >  Joseph Fielding Smith  >  Gordon B. Hinckley: A Giant Among Men 
Change your media influence.
About 90% of what comes on T.V. is violent and anti-gospel. Only about 8% is educational and only 2% is gospel oriented. Counter this negative media influence with wholesome, uplifting, and spiritually educating media. 

Rather than driving the spirit away with negative media, invite a good atmosphere in your home with these educational and entertaining stories.

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I feel that you can’t lose when you’re teaching children about the scriptures. Children are so impressionable, and they need good things to fill their minds. ~ Kimberly Roberts

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