So much more than just a movie!

Beautifully remastered videos, all access streaming, apps, DVDs, games, family home evening lessons, coloring books…Living Scriptures is a treasure trove of scripture and gospel learning for your family.

Complete Learning System

Every animated video includes interactive adventure quizzes, a printable activity book, and a Family Home Evening Lesson to promote learning even after the video is over. The Living Scriptures App is available for Android, iOS and Roku. Watch and play on your internet connected TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. Download videos for offline viewing too!

Activity App Screenshot

Interactive tools & resources


Our complete learning system was first introduced on DVD with interactive adventure quizzes and internet content accessible via DVD-ROM. Now our fun quizzes and downloadable activity books are built right into the apps!

High definition video restoration

Although our animated videos were first produced several years ago, we’ve undergone a huge restoration process to update them to HD standards. The colors are more vibrant, and the surround sound more immersive. Watch the restoration video to see the dramatic change. The HD quality looks amazing on all your favorite devices!


2.2 Million Frames upgraded & preserved


4.5 Trillion Pixels Restored By Hand

Scripture Captions & Multi-Language

Follow along with your scriptures with scripture captions. These optional subtitles help you to follow along in your Bible or Book of Mormon while the movie plays.

(*Feature only available on Book of Mormon, New Testament and Old Testament video series.)

Whether you’re learning Spanish or Portuguese as a second language, or it is your language of preference, the complete system … movie, menus, quizzes, EVERYTHING … is available in English, Español and Português.

Choose your subtitle language as well. If you want, you can listen to the movie in one language, and read the subtitles in another language.


Give your family an understanding and love of the scriptures in a fun, entertaining way!