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The Dramatized Church History

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Our most popular dramatized series, the Dramatized Church History, transports you back to all the greatest historical church events. Hear the leaves rustle in the sacred grove during the First Vision. Know the frustration of the Prophet Joseph Smith after 116 pages of the Book of Mormon manuscript were lost. Feel your faith increase with the Saints as they mourn the death of Joseph and escape to a new Zion in the West.

The Dramatized Church History is a convenient and faith-building way to experience the joy and drama of LDS Church history. 70 inspiring stories on 36 CDs.
Price: $ 199.80
  1. Joseph Smith's First Vision    25. Joseph Smith for President    48. The Saint George Temple 
  2. Moroni and the Golden Plates    26. The Nauvoo Expositor    49. Polygamy & The Constitution 
  3. Translating the Plates    27. A Lamb to the Slaughter    50. The Raid 
  4. Restorations    28. They Seal Their Testimony    51. The Underground Church 
  5. The Witnesses    29. Who Will Lead Us Now?    52. The Manifesto 
  6. Publication and Organization    30. Finish the Temple    53. Statehood 
  7. Missionary Work Begins    31. You Must Leave    54. Tithing 
  8. Quarrels Among the Faithful    32. Crossing the Mississippi    55. The Smoot Case 
  9. Consecration    33. Winter Quarters    56. Mexico 
  10. Sacrifices    34. Great Salt Lake Valley    57. The Church University 
  11. Words of God    35. The Mormon Battalion    58. The League of Nations 
  12. Travels East and West    36. Other Roads West    59. The Modernism Controversy 
  13. Mormonism Unveiled    37. The Gold Rush    60. The Church Education System 
  14. Jackson County    38. Crickets and Seagulls    61. Centennial and Prohibition 
  15. Zion's Camp    39. Polygamy Unveiled    62. The Depression and Welfare 
  16. The Twelve and the Temple    40. Handcarts    63. The Eternal Chain 
  17. The Bank Splits the Church    41. The Reformation    64. Find Those Who Went Before 
  18. On Our Own Heads    42. The Y.X. Company    65. Saints at War 
  19. Haun's Mill    43. Johnston's Army    66. The Death of a Loved One 
  20. Liberty Jail    44. A New Governor    67. The Missionary Training Center 
  21. Mission to England    45. Self-Sufficiency    68. All Worthy Members 
  22. Building in Illinois    46. Railroads and Retrenchment    69. The Songs of the Righteous 
  23. The Gathering of Israel    47. The United Order    70. The Saints Tomorrow 
  24. Plural Marriage 
Change your media influence.
About 90% of what comes on T.V. is violent and anti-gospel. Only about 8% is educational and only 2% is gospel oriented. Counter this negative media influence with wholesome, uplifting, and spiritually educating media. 

Rather than driving the spirit away with negative media, invite a good atmosphere in your home with these educational and entertaining stories.

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I feel that you can’t lose when you’re teaching children about the scriptures. Children are so impressionable, and they need good things to fill their minds. ~ Kimberly Roberts

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