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About Us
Our Talented Producers

Jared F. Brown Seldon O. Young Richard Rich
Jared F. Brown

President and co-founder of Living Scriptures, Inc.,  Jared continues to be the creative and marketing force behind all Living Scriptures’ inspiring products.

Seldon O. Young

Co-founder of The Living Scriptures, Inc. and a prominent business builder, Seldon has been involved with the financing of various productions such as The Swan Princess and the Hero Classics series.

Richard Rich

Producer and director of the all the Living Scriptures' animated videos, Richard was a director at Walt Disney for 14 years where he directed favorites like The Fox and the Hound and Pete's Dragon.

Orson Scott Card Lex de Azevedo Kurt Bestor
Orson Scott Card

Scriptwriter for most of Living Scriptures’ productions, Orson is a distinguished national & international award winning author and a former editor for the Ensign magazine.

Lex de Azevedo

Composer & writer of music for many of Living Scriptures’ products, Lex directed such favorites as Saturday’s Warrior and My Turn on Earth.

Kurt Bestor

Musician, performer and composer for film and television, Bestor has brought his soul to the music for our animated films over the last decade.

T. C. Christensen W. Cleon Skousen Laurie Stephens
T. C. Christensen

Renowned cinemato- grapher of The Testaments and The Work and the Glory, T.C. directed Praise to the Man and filmed the Visit Israel series.

W. Cleon Skousen

The late Dr. Skousen was a scriptorian, BYU professor, author, and beloved storyteller behind the Visit Israel series.

Laurie B. Stephens

Director of the Docudrama Series and several Modern Prophets films, recognized by the Telly Awards, Houston Film Festival and KBYU (PBS television).


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