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Complete Learning System
  Change TV Influence
  Universal Age Appeal
  Apply to Life
  Translated for Kids
  Spiritual Atmosphere
  Supplement Scripture
  Change Lives
  Sunday Movies
  Family Home Evenings
  Scripture Curriculum
  High Replay Value
  Wholesome Heroes
  Entertain & Educate
  Travel the World

Introducing the interactive
Complete Learning System

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Special Features of our animated DVD series

Digitally re-mastered movie Entertaining, scripturally or historically accurate movie animated by former Disney® Director Richard Rich.
Optional Scripture Reference Subtitles*
Optional subtitles help you to follow along in your Bible or Book of Mormon while the movie plays.
(*Feature only available on Book of Mormon, New Testament and Old Testament video series.)


Adventure Quiz
with 3 skill levels
Have fun while testing your knowledge of the scriptural or historical story behind each movie. Don't worry, there is help if you need it.

Supportive Bible scriptures
in two versions*

In the Adventure Quiz, the King James and optional New International Versions are available for reference when you need help answering a question. Also helps build a bridge to scriptural learning! (*Feature only available on New Testament and Old Testament video series. Spanish quizzes feature Reina-Valera 1960 and NVI versions.)

Supportive Book of Mormon scriptures* Get help from the Book of Mormon during the Adventure Quiz, and build a bridge to scriptural learning!
(*Feature only available on Book of Mormon video series.)


Integrated movie clips
If you need help answering an Adventure Quiz question, you can see a clip from the movie where you'll find the answer.

Sing-Along activity*
Book of Mormon lessons are reinforced when you sing along with wonderful music from Lex de Azevedo. (*Feature only available on Book of Mormon video series.)

Principles Guide for Parents
and Teachers

Learn which DVD title in the library teaches a given principle of good character. (Book of Mormon series allows search by topic as well as title.)

DVD story summaries

 Learn about all of our products through DVD story summaries.

Two complete English and
Spanish DVD programs in one

Whether you're learning Spanish as a second language, or it is your language of preference, the complete DVD program—movie, menus, quizzes, everything—is available in English and Español on the same DVD. 

Optional English and
Spanish subtitles 

If you want, you can still listen to the movie in one language, and read the subtitles in another language.

Website content accessible
through DVD-ROM*
Each DVD in a series can link to a website where you'll find more fun activities online. (*Website access requires a computer with a DVD drive and Internet access. Supported operating systems: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, MacOS9 and MacOSX. Computer is not required for other DVD-video bonus features.)

Printed Resource & Activity Book* Each series comes with a 200+ page Activity Big Book packed with fun things to do and reinforces learning. Skill level ratings and curriculum extension makes useful for teachers.

Multi-region NTSC* DVDs

Each DVD is encoded to work on a DVD player formatted for any region. Requires a player and TV that works with an NTSC signal. (*PAL format is not supported.)


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