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Complete Learning System
  Change TV Influence
  Universal Age Appeal
  Apply to Life
  Translated for Kids
  Spiritual Atmosphere
  Supplement Scripture
  Change Lives
  Sunday Movies
  Family Home Evenings
  Scripture Curriculum
  High Replay Value
  Wholesome Heroes
  Entertain & Educate
  Travel the World
Change your media influence.
About 90% of what comes on T.V. is violent and anti-gospel. Only about 8% is educational and only 2% is gospel oriented. Counter this negative media influence with wholesome, uplifting, and spiritually educating media. 

Rather than driving the spirit away with negative media, invite a good atmosphere in your home with these educational and entertaining stories.

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“I feel that you can’t lose when you’re teaching children about the scriptures. Children are so impressionable, and they need good things to fill their minds. ~ Kimberly Roberts

Kids, adults, and teenagers love them.

Some children’s programming can be tough for adults and intolerable for teenagers to watch.  The Living Scriptures produces films to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Using the renowned screenwriter Orson Scott Card and other talented authors and animators, each movie is visually enjoyable for young children, spiritually interesting for older children, and intelligently fun for adults.

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“Our 13 year-old daughter has said on many occasions how the videos help her so much in understanding the scriptures. This is priceless. They have also helped our older children as well as Mom & Dad to understand the beautiful stories from the scriptures." ~ Diane McCombs

Stories you can apply to life.
One reason Jesus taught in parables was to help us understand and apply principles to everyday life. 

No only do these videos clearly teach his timeless parables, but they also teach hundreds of additional stories from the lives of great prophets and heros that will help teach your children and apply good principles into their own lives.

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“...She can relate those feelings from the animation, and we can [say] that's how you need to act, you need to be good to people, because we don't want to hurt their feelings."

Translated for kids!

Thousands of families enthusiastically voice that Living Scriptures’ movies are the best way to give children a strong scriptural foundation—vital for understanding gospel principles. 

Why are these videos so effective

Because they teach children in their language—the language of animation. When they see, hear, and experience these powerful stories, the lights come on, and they learn the stories and feel the principles in action.

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““Our four children know more than we could have ever taught them at this age. They are able to answer questions and feel very confident.” ~ The Carters

Create a spiritual atmosphere.
As your family watches these products, you will see everyone become calmer and kinder. 

This is because our videos carry an uplifting gospel message that contributes to a good spiritual atmosphere in the home.  They also stir spiritual thought and pondering that furthers spiritual conversation and questions. This allows parents gentle opportunities to sincerely teach and testify to their children.

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“These videos help us bring the Spirit in our home and to keep the Sabbath day. My children have asked many questions that have lead to further scripture study. ~ Laura Bennett

Affordable with great incentives.
We’ve created programs so almost anyone can collect our DVDs. Select the number of DVDs you want each month from one, at only $29.95 (plus S&H, tax), to two, to five, to ordering them all at once. 

Our site also allows you to customize the perfect package for your family from seven different series. The more series you add the more bonus products you receive! 

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“Spreading out getting the videos made it easier to pay for them and it was fun getting that “surprise” in the mail once a month! ~ Valerie Domingez

Synergize your family scripture study.

Our videos do not replace scripture study—they enhance it! 

As reading the scriptures for young children can be intimidating, difficult, and frustrating, our animated scriptures give young readers a powerful visual that helps them better understand what they read. 

We’ve also researched every story for accuracy and added scripture reference captions so your family can follow right along in their scriptures!

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“It is so fun to watch the kids as we are reading—how their eyes light up when they recognize a story that they know from watching the videos! ~ Melanie Cuthbert

Change lives with powerful moments.
We believe in the effects of media on a child’s mind.  While negative and sinful media can hurt spiritual growthspiritually uplifting media strengthens testimonies

We’ve structured each video to include a powerful teaching moment to emphasize a principle, like Nephi’s obedience, Peter’s forgiveness, and Florence Nightingale’s charity.

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“When I was a senior in high school I hadn’t yet decided to serve a mission. One day while babysitting my girlfriends’ brother, we put in “Nephi and the Brass Plates. When the video gets to the point where Nephi says, “I will go and do…” tears welled up inside, and right there I decided that I should serve my mission. ~ S. Levi Greene

Primary teachers know.

We've heard thousands of primary teachers say, "I can tell which children have the Living Scriptures' videos, because they really know the stories."  As children watch these videos over and over, in a fun way, they learn the names, places and events of the story. 

This makes it much easier for the primary teachers to teach the beautiful principles from these great stories, giving children a scriptual foundation that's unsurpassed. 

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“...Even in primary, their teachers say, "I just can't stand it when their not there because I don't have anybody to help me teach the lesson," because they know the stories so well ."

The perfect alternative to Sunday TV.

Sports, movies, sitcoms and commercials—it can be difficult keeping a spiritual atmosphere on Sunday with regular TV viewing. 

One of the greatest benefits of these videos is that they greatly help families keep the Sabbath day by offering the perfect alternative to regular TV. 

Many families even specifically purchase these videos so they have a large entertaining library of “Sunday Movies.”

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““My kids love their “Sabbath Day” videos (although they watch them all the time)! ~ Susan Hooper

Quick and Easy FHE.

Have you ever found yourself not quite prepared for Family Home Evening? 

Not only are these videos great for FHE, but we’ve also created as a companion to our videos to help you have powerful and effective family home evening lessons. 

Complete with scriptures, songs, stories, video clips, activities, and a creative tasty treat, these PowerLessons™ are flexible, creative and fun!


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““Thank you so much for all the work put into these lessons and especially for this site. I am positive I will use it and recommend it again and again.” ~ Mandi on

A Complete Learning System™
Our mission at Living Scriptures is to endow children with a love and an in-depth knowledge of the scriptures and the gospel from a very young age.  

Over the past few years we have focused on fortifying our films with curriculum that increases learning and enhances retention. 

We've created downloadable
activity books, enhanced interactive DVDs, and integrated FHE lessons.

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“I have been collecting the videos in my home since the beginning, and have used every material to its fullest; the coloring books, the dramatized series, and most of all the videos on Sundays. ~ The Harlands

High Quality Products = High Replay Value

Our all-star production team consists of:

  • Orson Scott Card—Master screenplay writer interweaves a smart script with humor and drama.
  • Richard Rich—Former Disney producer creatively crafted characters with quality animation.
  • Lex de Azevedo and Kurt Bestor—Composed full-orchestrated scores that uplift and inspire. 

As your family watches these loveable movies over and over, you’ll be glad your investment is used, and your children will learn each story by heart laying a firm spiritual foundation.

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“Each movie has been watched 500 times and has brought the spirit into our home for many years. ~ The Pifers

Great people inspire great children.

Today's most admired heroes often seem to be of questionable character.  Give your children the gift of real heroes and inspire them to have great character. 

Feel the humility of Alma the Younger as he makes restitution to the church.  See the courage of Daniel as he prays in the lion’s den. 

You’ll also enjoy our Animated Hero Classics series that shows Florence Nightingale’s charity, Lincoln’s honesty, and Edison’s persistence.

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““Our family has loved the Living Scriptures videos. Our children have heroes from the scriptures and often ask to watch their scripture movies. It has been well worth the investment and as a Primary President it is always obvious which children have these videos. ~ Michelle Lichtenberg

Educate while you entertain.
Shouldn’t TV teach and inspire us?  Shouldn’t learning be fun? 

The Living Scriptures masterfully blends spiritual knowledge with fun stories and beautiful animation—creating a product that both educates and entertains. 

Children love watching the animation and parents love that our stories effectively teach scriptural truths.

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“I’ve used them for Sharing Time when I was in the Primary Presidency. They grabbed the kids' attention and even our “ADHD” kids stayed glued to them. ~ Linda Ludlace

Tour the Church sites from your own home!
Travel to beautiful Nauvoo and learn the details behind the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph in the Docudrama of the Restoration series.

Stand on the Mount of Olives and hear amazing stories from the New Testament in our Visit Israel series. See where Wilford Woodruff baptized hundreds in the Modern Prophet Series.

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“These videos brought the church history to life. I began to relate to the great men and women in the stories and have a greater appreciation for their sacrifices. ~ Arlene Anderson


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